Minor juggling

I’m going to add a Philosophy minor since it looks like I only need three courses to fill it, and I’ve wanted to do more philosophy. I’m not sure I’m going to get my Internet Studies minor because apparently my independent study with Tim Hickey doesn’t count as the capstone course, it has to be an independent study in my department related to the internet. Huh? I have to do an AMST independent study for the INET program? That’s weird…

3 replies on “Minor juggling”

  1. Isn’t Tim Hickey the head of INET? If so, doesn’t that mean that he’s the one who decides if you get the minor?

    Talk to him, unless he’s actually already said no. From what I know about him, I can’t much imagine him doing so.

  2. Philo. It is way cooler.

    One of my classmates did philo as a major, and he works for the UN. Cool.

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