One reply on “Ross Gelbspan’s Boiling Point says we need to come together to fight a bigger problem then terrorism”

  1. I read Boiling Point and felt it to be the best explanation of how corporate money has muddied the science of global warming, perverted the government from its duty to the people, influenced an increasingly lazy and commercially oriented media to fudge or ignore the issues, and kept the environmental community busy with brush fires until, though it knows that climate change is here, the NGO’s can’t seem to come together to ignite the people to demand government action now to confront this problem and exercise world leadership. And Gelbspan provides a variety of solutions that would create new jobs and new industries. If we cant help emerging economies develop sustainable growth much less wastefully than we have, while cleaning up our own act, we haven’t a chance of avoiding a very degraded biosphere for our children and grand children. Al Gore gave the book a deservedly good review. But can any book be the verbal Pearl Harbor that we so desperately need? I don’t know. We all have to do our part to spread Gelbspan’s knowledge and passion until the nation comes to the boiling point and demands action.

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