Bluff follow-through

Thirty-seven degrees Farenheit. Midnight on a deserted beach. Huddled with a group around a blazing bonfire. Your legs are warm, your feet are freezing, there are graham crackers and marshmallows and, of all things, Dunkin Donuts. You strip off almost all of your clothes, pick up a burning piece of wood, and run straight into the Atlantic ocean.

Its like trying your first spoonful of ice cream. Its like your first time up on water skis. Its like floating on your back in a tranquil pond while, up above, fighter jets shoot across the sky.

I didn’t know what I wanted, didn’t know if this was going to just be a disaster or something I look back on and say, “what was I thinking.” Nope, its not that. It is new, it is strange, it is amazing, and I want more. I need more.

Thanks Mat. 🙂