Herm sends along a profile of Marketplace’s Kai Ryssdal, my favorite public radio host. It was published in 2004, back when he hosted the Marketplace Morning Report. I knew he flew planes, but not that he briefed the Joint Chiefs. I knew he worked in China, but not that he dropped everything and switched to shelving books in Palo Alto while his wife attended Stanford. Fascinating picture of a neat and interesting guy doing good work.

Wow, Spy Pond is all frozen over and there are tons of people ice skating on it! I guess that’s not really surprising, when one thinks about it, seeing as this is winter and the pond was once used for ice making. Still, I’ve never before now seen a big ol’ 100 acre lake covered in kids and adults, prancing about and playing hockey. It’s pretty neat. Anyone, err, have some spare skates?

Welcome to AgBlog Molten, the 7th iteration of this blog. I started working on this just about a year ago, and finally it is done. I’m really happy with it. Lots of improvements in things like legibility and page size, archive view, commenting, and the like. Its based on a solid framework (K2), but still looks pretty unique. All of the different post types are featured on the same footing. What remains is to go through and edit and re-categorize *2339* old posts. So please be patient. The first 100 or so are done, though, so I’m on track to finish around 2012.

When the Little Rock Nine walked through the doors of their newly desegregated high school on September 24th, 1957, the story didn’t miraculously end with happy music and a fade out. Vanity Fair traces the life of Elizabeth Eckford, the first of the nine, from her time in the high school all the way to present day. Along the way are told the stories of many people surrounding the events, and each of the participants is revealed as flawed and deeply human.

CNet looks at the leak of tons of confidential information from Media Defender, a company that thwarts and gathers evidence against alleged online copyright infringers. A few thousand of their emails, most of their important source code, and even recorded audio of phone conversations have all been stolen and posted online, in part due to shoddy security practices. The information reveals a company that is willing to push up against and sometimes cross ethical lines in order to pursue file sharers. John Palfrey (my boss twice removed) is spot-on with his comments on the ethics of the thing. As is Hilary Rosen, former head of the MPAA, who suggests that perhaps Media Defender needs to spend a bit more time defending themselves.