Welcome to AgBlog v7

Welcome to AgBlog Molten, the 7th iteration of this blog. I started working on this just about a year ago, and finally it is done. I’m really happy with it. Lots of improvements in things like legibility and page size, archive view, commenting, and the like. Its based on a solid framework (K2), but still looks pretty unique. All of the different post types are featured on the same footing. What remains is to go through and edit and re-categorize *2339* old posts. So please be patient. The first 100 or so are done, though, so I’m on track to finish around 2012.

4 replies on “Welcome to AgBlog v7”

  1. How are you supposed to leave a comment?

    Yeah, that sounds dumb.

    From the main page of your site (or any of the by-date pages), there’s no way to click in to a post to post a comment (and for that matter, there’s no information about how many comments are on a post, or the post title itself!)

    How did I post this you might be asking? Turns out the “Latest Comments” sidebar lets me navigate to an actual post, (i.e. /entry/xxxx) where I can view/write comments.

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