My Encounter With the Brandeis PI

So yesterday I receive a call from a one Dana Kelley who would like to talk to me re: an incident in Usdan. I was out all day so I didn’t call him back, so the next morning bright and early at around 8:45am he wakes me up to summon me to his office. We arrange to meet somewhere around 2, after I get out of classes.

Kelley:   So what do you have to say?
Me:       About what?
Kelley:   About the incident in Usdan.
Me:       I wasn't there.
Kelley:   All right then, goodbye, I'll see you before the
          Judicial Board.
Me:       On what charge?
Kelley:   Lying to a Brandeis police officer.
Me:       I'm not lying.
Kelley:   Well, an eyewitness saw you there.
Me:       Perhaps you can give me a date and time and place.
Kelley:   Robin plugged a...
Me:       A keyboard into a terminal.
Kelley:   Into an Aramark [unclear] machine.
Me:       I wasn't there.
Kelley:   He implicated you.  You work for the Justice?
Me:       Yes.
Kelley:   And you were going to write some big expose about how easy
          it is to steal money from the Aramark computer system.
Me:       Not exactly.  Not how you put it.  But sure, yeah.
Kelley:   Okay, I'll see you at the Judicial Board hearing.  Goodbye.

Funny, because I wasn’t there, but I was at other “events,” but that was the extent of the conversation. So yeah, fun.