Mood: Happy

I’m thinking if I get some free time I’ll hack a mood indicator into AgBlog. Since my first scheduled free time is somewhere around January, and thats when Mock Trial is picking up, I guess I’ll have to hold off.

Speaking of MT, we went before the allocations board, argued our case, asked for the small sum of $350 to cover expenses, and were granted $250. Not exactly sure why, but something to do with inclusiveness. So now we can send one team of 6-8 instead of two, so I guess we can include less people, but hey, it makes sense to someone.

Right now I go to watch The Manchurian Candidate for Conspiracy class.

Other things to do:

  1. Add an essay section to AgBlog

  2. Setup another roundtable thing for the Justice, and hope it works

  3. Read Down and Dirty and write an essay for Conspiracy.

  4. Raise my grade in News on Screen from a B+ to an A

  5. Go retake the stupid hex quiz in CoSi in person to prove to Hickey that I can actualy do base 10 to base 16 conversions in my head. Not complex ones, mind you, but the easy ones don’t exactly require scratch work. Sigh…