3 replies on “Goss: “I am not qualifed””

  1. I find it odd how he says that he “doesn’t have the cultural background, probably”. What cultural background is needed? That just seems odd. He goes right from ‘I know the wrong languages’ which is a legit thing to that.

    I really know nothing about this person (beyond what was said in the article) but I have to agree that the new CIA head should be equiped to deal with computers. That’s the way the world is now. He could be a great guy, but without that skill I forsee problems in what has to be a crutial area of intelligence – it’s gotta be really bad when you misspeel intelligence. Oh, well.

  2. I assume he meant the culture of Middle East and African countries, the Islamic religion, &c. And I think it was fairly clear that his comments were about being a field agent or someone at one of the desks, not director.

  3. Goss was a CIA operations officer for 20 years. Operations officers are the core of the CIA’s human intelligence (HUMINT) gathering efforts. In recent years, the US Intelligence Community has been working overtime to dramatically improve and expand its HUMINT gathering capabilities. The appointment of a CIA director who understands the needs of the Agency’s Clandestine Service should be welcomed.

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