When Life Gets You Down…

…take a walk. That’s what I did. An hour long one all around the Brandeis campus. I went to the topmost parking lot alongside Rabb and looked out at the lights of the city. I took the Peripheral Road all the way around, detoured around back and looked at the Rose Art Museum, came back up, discovered the Fine Arts center, kept going backwards to the International Center, and then around through Ziv, past the construction, and back up by Usdan to my dorm. Trace the progress using this handy map, courtesy of Brandeis.

Along the way I found several interesting sites, including:

  1. A placard for the sculpture entitled “Air,” overlooking an empty hill.
  2. A place that looked like a stock exchange or secret government control center but actually ended up being the International Center, home of the GSIEF program.
  3. The place where the BranVan parks.
  4. A secret back entrance to campus.
  5. Some fun artwork.

Darn Tootin!