Saturday. No, wait, Sunday.

This day was crap, but that’s okay. I woke up, slept, woke up, slept, woke up really late. I missed picking up my laundry. I’ve felt tired and bored all day, despite me having a bunch of essays to write for next week. Actually, this week. But with the apparent time roll-back, this week could be considered still last week….

I made the remark to Kelson that, at 8:00, if it was 2 AM, it would actually be 9:00. I think that made him quite confused. It is just a measure of my here-ness today. How about some quick updates. I like bulleted lists, so we’ll go with that for now:

  • Mock Trial is rolling. We’ve secured space for our meetings for the next two months (Schwartz 2), we’ve gotten pledges of support and funding from Legal Studies and American Studies, in addition to the inadequate funds from the Allocations board. Senate people have been very helpful it teaching us how to get things done around there. I spent three hours a few days ago making 4,400 copies using the duplicator machines in the Senate office. Thanks a lot to the Senate guy who helped me, although I don’t recall his name. Now I have to get binders, punch holes, and stuff. No collating on the duplicators, and to get the Copy Center to do it the _right_ way on real copiers would have cost $170, so we’ll just go with this.
  • In the process of stretching I just smashed my right hand into the wood closet door. Ouch, ouch, ouch.
  • I’ve gotten most aspects of Mac OS X running to my liking. It has a few programs that aren’t as stable as I’d like, but I’m running Unix stuff through XDarwin with the Oraboro-something-or-other window manager, so that’s cool. I can still have fun sucking Robin’s bandwidth with Opera, but I still need to install some font libraries with Fink, a package manager that I’ve been having some problems with…
  • Yesterday a group of us went into Boston to eat at Legal Sea Foods. Ouch. I spent $40 on a filet mignon (medium-well, so ha jason, you raw-flesh eater!). I also good a $3 salad, a $3 side of onion strings, adding up to $30. Add about 25% for tax and tip, and you get maybe $37-ish. I paid $40 and didn’t get any change back. Hmm.
  • On the bus I was crowded in with about 200 other people and I met Robin sitting on a seat. Grr. He’s been doing a bunch of work in the Physics department, setting up SSH servers and such. Sounds like fun, or not. But the best is yet to come when he gets to install a 16 or 32 node Beowulf cluster. Drool.
  • COSI 2a still is teaching me nothing, I have ceased going entirely. I will have to do the cut and paste homework 3 for, i think, monday, and go to class for whenever the next stupid quiz is.
  • I’m worried about GeekLog. The system is really nice and getting much nicer. I was a contributor, working on developing the new 2.0 version before I came to Brandeis. As at the time, 2.0 development is basically frozen without me. Sigh. And I lost all my changes in my hard drive crash, so it looks like they’ll just keep adding onto 1.x, the flawed codebase, for the foreseeable future, since I certainly don’t have a lot of time currently to commit to the project.
  • I was pulled into eating at Sherman Dining Hall, despite my terrible experiences there. The food was very good, with even the vegan meal being quite tasty. Hmm. I’m going to have to try going back again and, if the quality wasn’t a fluke, I’ll be sending another letter to them, only this time not demanding a refund…
  • I miss my cats. Oh, and my family. 😉
  • My topic for a paper in conspiracy is conspiracy books dealing with the recent presidential travesty. Except the book Jerry Cohen gave me, Down and Dirty, by Jake Tapper, is actually very well research and very accurate. So not much in the way of conspiracy coming from him. Now I have another one by Vincent Bugliosi called The Betrayal of America, and I have some meat for my essay now, but the problem is I agree with many of his assumptions, which will make it hard for me to try to debunk them. Sigh. Guess I have to give the old journalistic mind a workout.
  • Fluxx is a cool card game. I now own it.
  • Len in at home in NY until Monday. Looking around the room, I figure maybe its time I clean up my stuff a bit.
Well, there is much more in the way of scattered thoughts, but this is getting unpleasantly long already, so I shall rest now. I’ve started to recreate my playlists in iTunes and get music to restore my collection. Having some background music is nice. And since Len is gone, I don’t have to worry about headphones! 🙂