AMST 137b: Journalism in Twentieth-Century America
Examines what journalists have done, how their enterprise has in fact conformed with their ideals, and what some of the consequences have been for the republic historically, primarily in the 20th century.

AMST 189a: Legal Foundations of American Capitalism
Surveys core legal institutions of property, contracts, and corporations. Examines how law promotes and restrains the development of capitalism and market society in America, from the era of mass production through the age of global trade and digital commerce.

HIST 80a: Introduction to East Asian Civilization
A selective introduction to the development of forms of thought, social and political institutions, and distinctive cultural contributions of China and Japan from early times to the beginning of the 19th century.

POL 111a: The American Congress
The structure and behavior of the Congress. Emphasis on the way member incentives for reelection, power on Capitol Hill, and good public policy shape Congress.