Pictures of my room

The common room and kitchen area aren’t really nice enough to go online yet, but I’ve put up three images of my room. It’s a little hard to get good snaps due to its size — substantially smaller then my room last year — but you can see my bed, all the pictures I put up on the walls, the shelves I installed (above the fridge), and my computer setup, including my new printer.

7 replies on “Pictures of my room”

  1. Room looks great with book shelves. That conforter has made it 4 years. WOW! Jessica is already on her 2nd one. Looks like you have done a lot of work to make the room look so nice with the smaller space. I hope you are enjoying it. Also, your classes look very interesting. Sounds like you are working hard to stay on top of the assignments. Congrats! Love, Mom

  2. Room looks great. Looks like you had to squeeze alot of stuff into a little space. Too bad “senior”ity doesn’t bring dorm privileges at Brandeis. But it seems that you are getting by quite well. Keep up the good work!


  3. Dude, TiVo! I see that you have one of the Philips ones. How did you get that hooked up? I thought that those ones didn’t have USB ports or anything for WiFi or LAN adapters and Brandeis doesn’t give you a phone line. I love having my TiVo here. It’s so worth the requests for me to TiVo all sorts of reality shows.

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