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Quiz today in CS, at 9:00am. But the quiz is late in the class, so I could have gotten there at, say, 9:40 and still been fine. But I didn’t.

Every day for the last week I’ve been going to bed before 1 AM and waking up before 8:15 AM. It just worked. My alarm is set for 10:00 AM, my body is set for 8. It WORKED, and flawlessly. Then my stuffy nose got the best of me and I figured, what the hell, I’m going to sleep anyway, I’ll take some of my Tylenol Allergy and Sinus medicine, it will help me sleep. Hah. It certainly did. That is the only change in my routine, and now I wake up…uh…now. And not my lucid self, but a walking zombie. Ten minutes I was saying something or other to Kelson and half way through I forgot what it was. Now I’ve forgotten completely. Damn you Tylenol!

I’m going back to sleep. No, wait, must….stay….awakeeeeeee………sdvnm,./kl; j