Farkin Awesome

Danny, Len, and Mr. CrockettLast I wrote I fell asleep. Well, it took me until about now to really wake up, which is really…odd, but now I feel great. I’m awake, I’m healthy, and I’m loving listening to Miss Saigon on my new iTunes 2 installation.

Between that time and this, the ‘rents came over for Family Weekend. We hung out, they got to see one of my teachers, and I got to go to Cheesecake Factory (with Sophie and her parents), where we celebrated my mom’s birthday. Then I gave her a giant alligator, and challenged her to find a way to get it on the plane. Well, apparently, she succeeded, cause Crockett is safe and sound at home. Oh, and I got to meet Sophie’s dog Daisy. Aww!

Today was rain and cold, and it was fun because I got a chance to wear my big jacket for the first time. It is excellllllent! Big hood, very comfy, not too cold nor too hot. I like! I like!