Ergh. I am tired.

Staying up too late, waking up too late, not enough time in the day. Lots of lots of lots of reading to do. Plus lots of Mock Trial planning needs to be worked out. Plus we spent 1 hour holding tryouts (that went really well) then about 2 hours debating over who should be on what teams. Geez. It was hard making the decisions, and we’re still not done yet, we have four more people who weren’t able to make tryouts. In all I feel very happy and upbeat, I just have so much schoolwork that probably needs to get done, I have to figure out how I’m going to get through it all.

Meanwhile, some people *cough* Andrew *cough* keep bugging me about getting photos online, so I’ll do that too, as soon as I get some free time that isn’t better spent working. I’m setting up Gravity Magazine’s online presence and will be doing some PHP coding for them, which is okay because it is part of my web project for News On Screen that is worth like 20% of my grade., on the other hand, is just for fun.