So whazzup, D?

Good question. Finished and turned in Jerry Cohen paper, then got another one right after. Sigh. Went to an AMST/LGLS dinner celebrating Louis’s birthday (as I commented earlier, I think), listened to some guy speak, but it quickly got a bit…tiresome, with everyone debating capital punishment, which is interesting, but I wasn’t in the mood for a Gordie/Jerry debate.

Mock Trial tryouts went well, and it looks like we have a lot of good people for our teams. We’ve made it club policy not to discuss individual performances or decisions outside of our closed-door meetings, to respect people’s feelings. All in all I was pretty impressed with everyone’s ability to speak, improv, respond to questions, etc. Now we’re going through the difficult task of hashing out who will be on which team, and I hope to send out an email tomorrow.

I just realized that my recaplet of Buffy the Vampire Slayer never got up here, its still sitting on the laptop. So I’m going to get on that pronto…once I wake up.

And on that note: Watch the Buffy Musical Tonight at 8/7c on UPN!!! For every minute you don’t watch…I shall kill you!!! (Uh-oh, reference to Family Guy. I really should go to bed)

At 11 I meet with some folks to discuss the Brandeis web site. At noon is news on screen, and we’ve hit internet topics, so my insights are valuable, IMHO. At 1:30 is philosophy, and we just got another paper in there as well. Sigh, papers. Plus I soon have a COSI assignment due, so lots of work. But I’m happy and peppy, and somehow I was pulled into watching The Usual Suspects instead of reading Media Rants (which is somewhat outdated anyway), so I’m a bit behind on that. Typical. 😉

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  1. On (by me!)posted November 16,2001 9:19:44 PM EST
    Well, I just saw the east coast showing of the cut-down version (yay college!) and I must say I’m both disappointed and impressed. A lot of nice things were cut, and it took away from the show, especially the whole Buffy part of the "I’ve Got A Theory" ("It doesn’t matter, what can’t we do if we’re together…") song. However, the editor at UPN did a very good job of taking an overlong show and cutting it down while maintaining continuity. There were some subtle cuts and line deletions that did not take away too much from the whole show, and most of the exposition was still in place. I missed the whole ballet sequence, but it was completely superfluous anyway, so its fitting that it was cut, as opposed to, say, WTWGFH, which, by the way, did lose the middle section "So one by one they turned from me,/I guess my friends can’t face the flame…"All in all, I’m quite happy I had my TiVo recording the original, and I still have plenty of tapes around for friends. I hold out hope they’ll release the entire episode plus cut scenes, making of, and the soundtrack on a DVD all by itself. That would be so awesome. :)Edited to add: "Guess I’m actually the second one to see it!" and "Damn this thread is long!"This message has been edited by Zeno on November 16,2001 at 9:27:49 PM EST

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