Party Miscellany

Tonight we went to a housewarming party at the home of some family friends. They’ve actually lived in the house for something like two years, but in that time they’ve transformed it from a slightly oversized house into a massively oversized house compared to the size of lot it sits on, abutting (and providing nice views of) the neighbors’ houses no more then thirty feet away. Personally, if I was building a multi-million dollar mansion, I would try to get some room between myself and the other houses, and put in some nice gardens, or something. But then, I’m not building a multi-million dollar house, so I guess it doesn’t much matter what I think.

At said party I was accosted by a nice woman who wanted me to date her daughter, for some reason. The conversation went something like this:

Her: What year are you in college?
Me: I’m a senior.
Her: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: Um…yes.
Her: Oh, that’s too bad, you should date my daughter.
Me: I’m pretty happy where I am.
Her: Well, have you seen my daughter?
Me: (not comprehending) I don’t think so…
Me: Oh. Um. Yeah, well, I’m dating a nice Jewish girl. Have to preserve the bloodline and all.
Her: She’s a very strong Christian. She might convert you.
Me: (starts edging away)

At a later point, as we were just approaching the exit, my mother exchanged a few words with a woman who had recently seen Oliver at the Performing Arts Center, which my mom had just seen as well. It was great, says mom. Well, says the other woman, I liked it, but it wasn’t the best I’ve seen. How so, asks mom. Bad idea. Apparently, the two ways in which it was bad are, as follows:

  • The orchestra was only five pieces, so the rest of the music was synthesized (or possibly pre-recorded?). This is a valid complaint, but I’m not sure its a massive one.
  • One of the ensemble members, a no-name orphan or something, who is twelve years old, has listed in her credits that she played “Lillie” in Annie. The two problems with this are that the character’s name is spelled “Lily” and for a twelve year old to have played the part apparently means that it must have been at a school or community production, not a professional one, and so it should not have been listed in the program.

The fact that a little girl tried to inflate her bio is apparently enough to ruin a play for this woman.

Something written in the program is what made the show sub-par.

And my mom, attempting to keep up the conversation, was somehow able to elicit from this woman the same statement, about the music and the little girl, four separate times. I was tugging on her arm desperately, trying to get her to stop talking to this woman, who obviously had some “repeat” button somewhere that she was accidentally holding down. Finally we disengaged from conversation and were able to make our way to the exit.

Those were the two highlights of the party that I feel comfortable writing about on my blog. Oh, also, I got to play with a cat that looked like a smaller version of Sammy with shorter, less shed-able hair. He was cute, and he was named Scooby Doo, which, ironically, reminded me of Buffy and the Scooby Gang. I think I’m going to name my cat (which I’m hoping to get after college) Willow, if its a girl. If its a boy, maybe Rupert. Dunno. Needs to be something nick-name-able, so Xander doesn’t really work. Suggestions? 😛

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  1. Xander is nick-name-able. Xanadoo. Xan-Man. Xandi. Xandey. The possibilities are endless – or just those.

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