Very, Very Confused

There was a cool meteor shower-thing last night, so we stayed up to watch. Phew. I ended up going to bed about 3 and getting back up at 4 to see the sight from a rock formation behind the castle. It was pretty fun, although quite cold (because I wasn’t dressed for it. I need gloves!) After a while of everyone saying “Ahh!” after seeing a hit, we switched to saying various words including “fart,” “Jehuda,” “Aramark,” and my personal favorite, “Lithuania!” after each occurrence. We started cycling through various countries, then just shut up and watched the sky for a while.

I finally got to sleep again around 6 in the morning, and woke up again somewhere around 2 in the afternoon. So now I’ve been up for maybe three hours and its already dark outside again. I am so confused… And now I have to start my homework. Sigh. šŸ™

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  1. That sounds like Andrew, and the good news is, pictures are on the way, although not of that event. I’ll post a blog entry soon talking about the new system, as soon as I get it up.

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