Andrew, this one is for you! After great effort I am nearly finished integrating PHPix, bplog, and my new commenting system. Its all very rudimentary, but it looks good, works cleanly, and is not so complicated as to be hackable. So hit the media link now, buddy, and by very impressed. All of my old galleries are gone, but all of the pictures are still there, now it just remains for you all to caption them! Ain’t that a treat? šŸ™‚ So caption away! And this new system means adding more images is as easy as dragging and dropping, so expect pictures to go up much more quickly in the future. Plus the great scaling features of PHPix mean I can drop the huge 1600×1200 shots in a folder and it will convert them to thumbnails and smaller sizes all on the fly. Wowsers, I am quite impressed with myself and this software. I’d better sit down before I hurt something or someone.

Happy clicking!


  1. The pic system is pretty cool esp w/ the comment captioning system. I might have to integrate phpix w/ my system just to be l33t like you =). Are the comments for the pics are in the same table as the comments for the articles?


  2. That was the first thought, but it was easier to just make a separate comment table for the pics. Since PHPix doesn’t provide any kind of ID, it uses the first 64 chars of the dir path and then the first 64 chars of the name to categorize. Probably very inefficient, but I wanted to at all costs avoid duplicates. šŸ™‚

  3. Thats what I figured, I was wondering how a dynamic directory listing based image system would keep consistant numerical uniqueids that could be synced with your article system. I would have done the same.

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