On October 14, 2003, Student Union President Josh Brandfon sent the Justice a letter to the editor about their election coverage the week before:

When our Secretary formally communicated his disappointment with your staff in the days following the printing of the last paper, he received a response from one of your editors that read in part, “Tell Danny Silverman to shut the fu*k up.” I hope that your editorial board shows a little more professional tact when interacting with their readers, and that you are more responsive to the rest of our community when they express concerns.

He advised that they take a look at how they, as an organization, behaves towards the community:

You, as editors, are entrusted to a position of power without accountability, and in this case, have clearly abused it by attempting to unjustly destroy the reputation of another student. While I appreciate your efforts to report the news, it is my sincere hope that you are able to maintain a higher level of journalistic integrity when doing so.

The next week, the Justice published the now-infamous article calling Dusty Baker a “word that rhymes with Tigger,” and then bungled the resulting PR disaster. The downfall of that paper was already in progress. A couple weeks ago the Justice finally got a new editor-in-chief. Maybe, hopefully, they’ll now be able to begin down the road to recovery.

Ah, the memories.