3 replies on “For my next web site, I want to play with TextPattern”

  1. I’ve used TextPattern before (just briefly) and I wasn’t totally impressed. It seems to be a better competitor for weblog software like WordPress. I’m really interested in what attracted you to it since you are usually pretty good at spotting good software. I would think that you would want a more full-blown CMS for something like the Union website. Maybe you could post a little mini-review of what you liked about it?

  2. Do you know if there’s a remaindered links plugin for textpattern? I’m interested in trying it out too…

  3. No idea. If it is actually more weblog than CMS, I’m not interested in it. I want something clean, light-weight, and powerful for web authoring, with the ability to quickly extend it with new php code and functions. So far I haven’t found anythign that fits my needs.

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