I was checking my stats today and found something funny. In my three months at Brandeis I have used 14.98 GB of incoming bandwidth. On 11/23 I had 4884.6 MB come in. On that day alone I accounted for 1/3 of my total bandwidth for the last three months. Wow. It’s cool when everyone goes home for Thanksgiving and you have the entire internet connection to yourself! 🙂

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  1. I enjoy reading all of your enteries. Some of the technical ones are so far above me but really interested in all of your comments.

  2. Danny, like your other grandmother, I also enjoy reading your entries including some of the essays you have written. I think you better stop downloading all of the music files are you will run out of space on your computer. See I DO understand your computer lingo.
    I must have gotten 10 emails in the last week with a virus but seem to have it under control with my PC-Cillan virus program. I have been getting upgrades for two years now and check it nearly every day. Had a hard time getting rid of the KAK virus but now a new one that is supposedly porno.
    Keep up the good work in school and we will see you at Christmas.

  3. Remember me? Your Mom’s friend in New Jersey?? Love your thought for the day regarding remembering people’s names. However, what if you’re getting on years and you see people whom you’re sure you know, but can’t remember why or in what context? Forget about remembering their name, I’d just like to remember that one time I had a long, intimate conversation with them sharing personal things, possibly causing them to feel rather close to me. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could remember all that? Rather embarassing to have it all come back about 2 days after giving them a passing "Oh hi!! How are you… (don’t I know you from somewhere?)". So, appreciate your youth and the multitude of brain cells which are yet in your possession.

  4. That is why we all need wearable computers with face recognition and video record options.

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