Pulp Friction

Just finished watching the Pulp Fiction DVD I had lying around, and frankly I’m stumped. I’d heard a lot of people say it was amazing, then I saw it and said, “huh?” So I checked out IMDb, and there is much more of the same. The most brilliant film of all time. A true masterpiece. Whatever. I mean, I don’t get it. Okay, the storyline is non-linear, or something. Big whoop. The dialogue is interesting and adds depth. Yeah, okay. The three stories have potential. But what is the point? What happens? One guy gets shot, one guy gets rich, one guy finds God, one guy gets even, and one lady gets a hole in her rib cage.

And what is up with that damn bible passage? I mean, quote the scripture then let some idiot thug and his psychotic girlfriend leave with all of the innocent customer’s money? That is really the way to prove you’ve changed to The Good Side.

So perhaps someone can tell me what makes this movie so incredible, because I can’t really see it. And I know that it is cliche to say this is the best movie of all time, and saying otherwise is blasphemous, but please, what do you see in it? Besides great acting, I mean.

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  1. I agree. I thought pulp fiction stunk, to the extent that I stopped the video after about 10 minutes. Best movie of all time? I just read an interview with none other than John Travolta in the NY Times (sorry, no link) and he said he thought one of the best movies he ever saw was Yankee Doodle Dandy re: George M. Cohan. So get that!

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