Damn, not more about the stupid slayer!

So I find out that most everyone who is giving me grief for watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer spend their Wednesday nights watching, of all things, Dawson’s Creek. Eek. So imaging my delight when on tonights episode of Buffy we see Spike, the evil vampire turned good (weird government experiments with chips in heads, don’t ask) watching television and exclaiming in disgust, “Oh Pacey you blind idiot, can’t you see she doesn’t love you?” Then there is a knock on the door and he quickly flicks the crypt’s TV off.

Yes, my show is sticking up for me, making fun of their show! This is AWESOME!!! 🙂 I’m gonna go squeal some more.

6 replies on “Damn, not more about the stupid slayer!”

  1. oh my god. oh my GOD. i cracked up reading that and my family stormed in thinking i was wounded.

    still. that is GREAT. i wish i watched buffy still.

    (AND dawson’s creek as well, but we won’t mention that, shall we?)

  2. i just thought of this. sorry for the stupidness.

    but you DO know you misspelled Kung Fu, right? that;s like……a joke…..isn’t it?

    (wooshes over head)

    kung foo. kung fu. hmmm. will ponder

  3. Oddly enough I don’t watch TV anymore…. guess I’m too lazy to go turn it on or something 😛

  4. All of the stupid phrases in the rotating pictures have deeper meanings, I just leave them to you to find out. Okay, actually, most of that stuff can be found on thinkgeek.com, but that’s not the point.

  5. We are awaiting your arrival home. Looking forward to seeing you in person and being able to hear all about college life. You can relax on the cruise and get caught up on your sleep. See you soon Love

  6. i still don’t get it. i think i am going to harass you on IM to explain. so THERE. and have a safe trip home.

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