Finals and Homecoming

It’s bad when you are writing your final papers on your laptop and then, when you turn it on in the morning, it refuses to work any more. As in, it won’t start up, it won’t boot from CD, it crashes every minute or so that it’s on with either a “bus error” or a fatal system crash. So eventually I realized that my Mac OS X cd would boot the laptop, while the OS 9 CD would not. So I booted into X, reformatted, installed, and cleaned up a bit. But I still can’t get OS 9 back on there. So now I am rewriting my essays. Sigh. Well, I had the majority of my work in my Conspiracy essay saved on my desktop, so now I’m finishing that up. Except its certainly not my best work.

On Wednesday I go home! Yay! I need to clean up, do some laundry, and vacuum, and also to make sure all of the Mock Trial stuff is in order. I have to meet with some administrators about getting money. We’re working up a budget and, with the help of my mom’s wonderful shopping skills, we’ve cut our car rental costs by about 300%. Yay! Thanks mom! 😉

So anyway, I get picked up by the highly respected Airporter which, I might add, is impossible to find on the internet, get dropped off at the airport, and take a nice big American flight (like the one that crashed into the…oh, never mind) into LA. No, I’m not worried anything is going to happen. But a lot of other people still are, even on the short-hop flights that were not used, unlike the Boston to LA flights that were. Oh, but I stop over somewhere, so I guess I’m okay.

And if all this talk about crashing planes sounds either sarcastic or mean, its just because I think that some of the opinions people have about airport security are just terrible. And the profiling and searching that is taking place doesn’t seem like its doing anything to fix the situation, only to make people more tense. Yeah, national guardsmen in our airports will really help, especilally in a 12 Monkeys scenario, when someone releases a small vial of smallpox and then walks away. Shoot that, buddy. 🙁

So anyway, I’m optimistic about the flight. I hate plane flights, but maybe this one will be somewhat empty, and I’ll certainly have a few good DVDs to watch, although my computer won’t last through more then 1.5 of them. I’ll have to recharge in my stopover in Chicago or wherever.

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  1. Danny I am looking forward to you coming home and our cruise to Mexico. Glad you are taking a shuttle because trains to the airport and holiday schedules could be trying. Can’t wait to see you again. You can wear all those California clothes in Mexico as it is supposed to be in the 80’s. See you soon.

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