I can’t remember the last time I heard sirens around here, but just a second ago I did. I feel like I’m home already. 🙂

Last night I dreamt that D’Argo appeared on the Larry Elder show for half an hour, then afterwards realized that no one was able to understand him (he speaks Luxon, of course, and no Earthlings other then John Crichton have translator microbes) and it was all a big joke. Why did this come about? Well, Justin, having found on my website my interview on KFI, told me about his experiences on KABC with Mr. Elder, and then we started debating something or other having to do with guns. D’Argo, being the gun-toting warrior alien of Farscape, somehow merged with Justin, and there you have it. Since I rarely have dreams, I like to remember them when I do, so I figured I might as well write this one down, even if it is completely without meaning.