Grr, argh! (only not the happy kind)

My websites are all down and I have no method of posting, but force of habit makes me write. It is 2AM, and I am awake, which shows, obviously, that my whole sleep routine isn’t working out. In fact, nothing seems to be. Not the exercising, not the food conservation, nothing. I’m just back to normal. Today I got really sick of all the sitting around computing and reading and whatever else you do in college so I decided to go for a walk. I got out and started walking, then I realized I needed to check my mail, so I went to Usdan, was briefly distracted by the poster sale, and then went back to my room. Humph.

My computer has been acting up for a while, probably because of the OS X hacks I’ve popped in back at version 10.0.0, and since we’re now at 10.2.1, they are causing a bit of conflict. Also all of my Unix software was messy and conflicting because I hadn’t used Fink from the beginning to manage libraries. So my solution was simple – back everything up, and spend a few hours doing a clean install and putting everything back. Well, a few hitches…

First, doing the terminal “cp” command apparently doesn’t maintain the integrity of Mac OS X applications, so I now have to reinstall a bunch of apps. Second, bugs in NetInfo that make .nibak files impossible to make are bad, and, although it worked with my laptop, copying the local.nib folder manually over and back again did wonders to screwing things up, making yet another reinstall necessary so that I could get a user back, so that I could actually log in. Humph #2.

Although I backed up all of my libraries and important files and etc, including even the hidden web site files (it would have been terrible to lose those!), I realized after the second reinstall that I had forgotten something vital – the MySQL databases!!!. First I smacked myself, then I cursed myself and my computer, then I tried to see if there was any method of recovering them. Well, I don’t think Norton Utilities was built for the task. So the latest AgBlog I have is a backup from 12/18/01, meaning I’ve lost over a month’s worth of entries. Also my other sites, such as boogle, gravmag, and the like, have lost their data. That is not really a big loss though, the thing that really upsets me is my AgBlog. So my next task is to go on Google or wherever and see if there are some HTML backups. So if you’ve recently loaded any of the archives (Dec. or Jan.) and have it in your cache, PLEASE send it to me!!!! I will be eternally greatful!

Well, I’d best go off to bed. The computer is running just dandily now that its all reinstalled in its Aqua-licious glory. As soon as I fix my Apache config and get the DBs imported again, my web sites will be back online, and around that time, this entry will appear. Yay! 😛

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  1. Okay, I’ve gotten from 12/18 – 12/24 back, thanks to Google. The Internet WayBack Machine is supplying me with 1/6 – 1/19. Thus a lot of it is coming back, minus comments of course. But right now I really should go to sleep, so January will have to wait until tomorrow. 🙂 Still, I need 12/25 – 1/05, and 1/19 – 1/28. Anyone got it? 🙁

  2. don’t you mean we’re at 10.1.2? Or do you have a version of the OS that is not for public consumption?

  3. Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t have any of your posts in my cache…I clean it out almost every single day.

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