Could technology annoy me any more right now?

My farking VCR apparently hasn’t been recording the last few week days of Buffy, although it does seem to be having fun recording on weekends. I am confuzzled.

5 replies on “Could technology annoy me any more right now?”

  1. First off- farking? creative i guess…
    anyways, when you brought up Buffy, I had to mention that I just found out info on Willow and Xander’s families (coincidentally). Thought you might want to know it.

  2. Do tell! I found out that the VCR had been a bit screwy and so my eps are a bit off-order, but I’ve basically corrected and am now back on track with 6 middle episodes missing and a few more rescued from the TiVo. Now recording season 3! 🙂

  3. 30 hrs. just isn’t enough when you’re trying to get, oh, I dunno, 100 hour-long episodes.

  4. Xander’s parents have "drunk fights on Christmas" and Willow’s mom is a psychiatrist or some such thing who either completely ignores her or over analyzes her and her father is often away on business. Not much I guess. Sorry bout all the problems with your vcr. What’s wrong with your tivo? Anyways, I found fluxx at the game keeper at $9.95. Good deal? Need your set? And your "Chicken Poop for the Soul" book?

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