Where the government fails, Walmart succeeds

Those who advocate for smaller government frequently suggest that outsourcing things to businesses is more effective. In practice we find a huge number of instinces where outsourcing with federal, state, or even local government oversight leads to gross mismanagement, abuse, price-gouging, and the like. But sometimes the theory makes a lot of sense. If someone had put Walmart in charge of the disaster relief supply chain, those supplies would have gotten there a heck of a lot faster. Even without being in charge of anything, their pre-positioned supplies (foresight, what a concept!) and amazingly well-coordinated global supply chain network allowed them to respond incredibly quickly with much needed water and food to some of the hardest hit areas.

Well, the hardest hit areas that FEMA hadn’t gotten to yet. There have been credible reports that FEMA officials turned away Walmart trucks loaded with supplies. Not to mention Red Cross, firefighters, volunteers, and people with boats. So yay for the morons at FEMA…

I have my problems with Walmart’s labor practices, but I have to give kudos where they are due. Good job, Walmart. You put the federal government to shame.

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  1. I read in the local paper here (in northern Louisiana) today that the local chapter of the Red Cross has still received none of the money donated to it (i.e., through the national organisation)�money needed to assist all the evacuees sitting in civic centres and other such shelters all over the region, money donated locally to just that end.

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