I feel obligated.

So I feel obligated to write. Truth is I’m quite tired. Waking up early, going to bed late just doesn’t work right for your chemistry. Always tired am I, and start talking like Yoda I do. I’m still doing Maintex stuff and working with their arcane FACTS system, in between yawns. I can’t go to sleep any earlier, so the solution is to wake up later. Of course, this rules out work. Enough bold?

Yesterday was the fourth day in July and thus the Fourth of July, basically celebration of America, Americans, Barbeques, and Fireworks. I took part in 1 of the four, that would be a barbeque. I’m really not celebrating America or Americans at this point, and I didn’t see any fireworks, not that I don’t like them. Adbusters ran their Flag Jam to protest commercialism in America and globalization. Globalization, hmm. Tariffs without a role in government, lack of democracy, unfair restrictions — does anyone else think this sounds like the American Revolution and the reason we seceeded from England? Amazing how attitudes change when you get power. Absolute power corrupts, of course, absolutely. And so far, I’ve never seen that not be the case on a large scale, which is very sad.