Who says its hard to get classes in college? My grandpa tells me that every class he took was required and he had no electives to speak of. My dad talks of a punch card system and an order or priority with freshmen dead last. I see an online form where I type in the course number, click confirm, and get my courses. Of course, it could be that Grandpa went to Queens and Dad went to UCLA, while I’m going to little old Brandeis, but still! In an age of rash consumerism, when you’re paying $35,000 a year for an education, you have a right to an education, dammit! I should get the classes I want or close to it. No BS shuffling around and treating kids like numbers without faces. We shouldn’t have to pay for bad service.

Of course, I knew what was going on when I chose Brandeis – I decided to not go to UC Berkeley precisely because of this trend: Every student with whom I talked at Berkeley could not recall a single class with under 100 students. Terrible! I’m a first-year at Brandeis and none of my classes are over 100. That is the way a college should be.