My freshman first semester classes are in, at least in preliminary form. Next I go back to Brandeis, hopefully talk to a counselor of some kind, see if I can get some signatures, and switch things around. But if I get stuck with this, I won’t be too disappointed at all, I just wanted to get a Legal Studies class in. So anyway, here it is:

USEM 25A Reading Between the Lines: Freedom of Conscience and Persecution

Traces different cases of intellectual expression exercised under illiberal conditions of censorship and persecutions. Organized chronologically, beginning with Plato’s account of his teacher’s execution under Athenian democracy, and closing with 20th century reassessments of the freedoms of conscience and expression.

Mr. Sheppard
AMST 114B American Individualism

Through various major works, central dilemmas of the American experience will be examined: the ambition to transcend social and individual limitations and the tension between demands of self and the hunger for community. Usually offered every second year. Will be offered in the fall of 2001.

Mr. Whitfield
PHIL 1A Introduction to Philosophy

A general course presenting the problems of philosophy, especially in the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and social and political philosophy. Texts will include works of selected philosophers of various historical periods from antiquity to the present. Usually offered every semester.

Messrs. Berger, Greenberg, Hirsch, Makridis, Samet, Teuber, and Yourgrau
COSI 21AM Data Structures and the Fundamentals of Computing

An introduction to the fundamental concepts of computation: discrete structures (sets, relations, functions, sequences, graphs), the fundamental data structures and algorithms for sorting and searching (lists, queues, dequeues, heaps, hashing, binary trees, tries), and the analysis of algorithms (predicate logic, termination and correctness proofs, computational complexity). The associated laboratory course is COSI 22a. Usually offered every year.

Mr. Storer
COSI 22A Fundamentals of Programming
An introduction to the tools and techniques needed to design, construct, verify, analyze, and maintain programs. One afternoon a week and one, one-hour lecture a week. Usually offered every year.

Mr. Storer
PE 33A Walking for Fitness
This course is designed to improve your overall fitness level through walking. Emphasis will be on improving cardiovascular endurance level. Instruction will be given on how to develop a personal fitness program. Usually offered every semester.


So maybe the fitness walks in the 15 degree…uh…heat will keep me in shape. Yeah, thats fahrenheit. Or maybe its on their big indoor track. Ya know, Brandeis has a pretty awesome sports facility, so maybe I’ll actually take up some sort of something sport-ational in the future. Or not. We’ll see.