AP Scores

Today my Advanced Placement scores arrived in the mail. For once I got something school-related before everyone else! I got my hoped-for 5 in English Literature, but in US Government I got only a 4, when I hoped for (and expected) a 5. Still, considering that I did very little studying, not to mention not taking the class, I guess a 4 score (out of 5) is pretty good. I also got my Calculus BC score, and was not surprised to find that I got a remarkable score of 1, which means basically a total and complete failure. Guess that’s what happens when you go to sleep during the test.

So my total scores thus far are:

  • Eng Lit/Comp 5
  • Govt & Pol US 4
  • Calculus BC 1
  • US History 4
  • Comp Sci A 4 (my school doesn’t offer AB)
  • Biology 4

So not to shabby in whole, in fact pretty good. Oh, did I mention that Brandeis does not really count AP scores for anything? Yeah, so the above numerical representation of years of incredibly hard work means absolutely diddly. Sigh.