Aida, Jay, and Bartlet (Ramblings)

Looking back I never commented on Aida or the Jay Leno Show. For the first, Aida was awesome although I found the story a bit cliche and some of the songs superfluous to the task at hand. The second half, however, got more in-depth and had more character development. While the story wasn’t wonderfully compelling, the staging, singing, and dancing, plus some semi-dazzling sets, made the whole thing quite enjoyable, enough so that I would see it again, but not before Ragtime.

Jay Leno. What can I say? You watch him on TV every night, or, like me, you don’t, and that is that. The studio is slightly smaller then it looks on TV, but I was expecting that. The whole routine is down pretty well, they do everything in specific orders, they have people in certain places at certain times, during breaks the security people come out to watch us and keep Jay and his guests safe. πŸ™‚

The show is taped some time around 5-ish PST in a format known to those of us in the biz 😎 as Live-To-Tape, meaning they go through live with no cuts straight to a tape, with commercial breaks and everything else inserted. Unless there are egregious problems or the time is too long, they do no real editing and they just feed the show to the satellite at the right time, all the affiliates pick it up, and viola, it looks live!

I got my picture taken with Jay, so as soon as we receive it I’ll get it scanned and up here, but it looks like that will probably after I’m back at school, so maybe it won’t happen. I’m going to Leno again tomorrow night (lucky me) and bringing Tyrone plus Jess and a few of her buds along, so I’ll try to sneak in the digital camera if I’m able and snap some behind the scenes shots. Or at least get Jay’s parking space. πŸ™‚

Finally, one last note in the TV front. I was ready last night to watch West Wing, I wasn’t doing anything, I was gonna get up and walk in and turn it on, but I didn’t. Don’t really know why. I guess because its just not as interesting any more. What they are doing is so…ick. I dunno. I still like the characters and the show, but the summary was along the lines of, “everyone prepares for the state of the union, CJ has fun at Charlie’s expense, and people continue to repeat things over and over.” It just didn’t sound too appealing. Humph. Hope I didn’t miss anything good. But somehow, I doubt it.