A nice older woman approches, I assume she might be entering my aisle.
Me: Should I get up?
Her: You don’t have to, just spread [she laughs]. Sorry, I was about to say, “just spread your legs and I’ll slip on in.”
And everyone around me bursts into laughter. Sigh.

By the way, the play was excellent. It is a 2.25 hour look at World War II from the perspection of Bohr and Heisenberg, focusing on their meeting during wartime at Copenhagan, Neils Bohr’s home town, while it was occupied by Heisenberg’s Germany. The premise being that with one or two words the entire course of the war could have changed. The scientists, Heisenberg states, are the ones who would decide whether to make weapons that make use of atomics. Is this a road we are ready to take? Or can we, as scientists, secretely conspire to change the course of history through our lies and withholding of information from those in power? This is my thing! That, and they made the phsyics understandable to the common person. I mean, I know what spin is (at least basically enough that I can nod in conversation), but they went out and tried to explain things. Fission. Electron shells. Uncertainty. Nice of them to enlighten us common folks. 🙂

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