Conspiracy Writings

I have just posted my final Conspiracy paper in the Essays section. It is a bit lengthy, but I am quite proud of it. The paper, titled From The X-Files To Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Changing Notions of Conspiracy in American Culture, incorporates elements from my journalism, media, and AMST classes. Special thanks go to Prof. Socolow for providing a lot of the inspiration behind some of my information arguments.

Perhaps Buffy’s philosophy is better then Mulder’s.  Perhaps her decision not to let paranoia take over her life results in a more positive living experience.  Mulder is obsessed with the elusive truth, with a truth that, by all indications, cannot be obtained. Buffy’s job is simple.  She finds the bad guy, she kills the bad guy… Sure strange things happen, sure the unexplained may be common place, sure coincidences may seem much too coincidental, but all in all, it’s a pretty good place, and you deal with it as much as you can.  This seems like a pretty balanced worldview.

Read it, you might find it interesting.