Price Disparity

This probably doesn’t warrant an entry, but I just found it amusing. Pricing on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 DVD set (some of which say they have all 12 eps, some say they have all 24, all of which contain 3 DVDs and all of which, I would think, have the twelve)

Blockbuster: $39.99 $29.99 $28.88 (Lowest prices on earth, they say, but also on backorder)
Costco: $24.99, and at least the Waltham store has about 10 of them. So why did I listen to Kelson and not buy it? Grr.

3 replies on “Price Disparity”

  1. Bought it at Costco, turns out it was the same cost at, so I guess they are still the "lowest prices on earth."

  2. I could say something snarky here about my tirade on copyright, but seeing as I’ve just watched the 6th episode of Angel that I’ve downloaded, I guess it wouldn’t be fitting. I actually think the price is pretty reasonable, as compared to the extravagant pricing on, say, Farscape.

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