Problems with Veronica Mars 3×02 (sorry!)

Briefly, it bugs me that:

# After Veronica just “learned her lesson” about assuming bad things about people with the whole Parker situation, and feels really awful about it, she goes on and makes the same sorts of assumptions about the sorority and, when she gets the damning evidence, goes right to the paper rather that contacting the sorority leadership for comment. Yeah, I know its a big scoop, and a student journalist at, say, Brandeis, might be too excited by their story to risk “ruining” it by actually talking to people, but this is Veronica Mars — she’s discovered far more damning things before.
# Veronica lets the paper run the story with *her* byline even after she withdraws it, and the story contains details that she obviously could not have submitted in her original draft.
# Growing medicinal marijuana is *not illegal* in California — if the sorority’s story is true, and it certainly seems to be, what was going on is *not a crime*. While it may break Hearst College rules, the shocking revelation is far less shocking when you realize that, properly carried out, it was perfectly legal. And Veronica, smart girl that she is, surely knows this.

So those things bug me. Otherwise, a pretty good episode, even if the prisoner experiment was a bit obvious.