Nirvana in a box

David Pogue reviews the new TiVo Series 3, which can record in HD but costs a hefty $800. Many have scoffed at the high price compared to the DVR they can rent from their cable companies. I made the choice to go with Comcast’s DVR because I wanted HD more than I wanted to use my old TiVo, and I’ve just been amazed at the utter suckitude of it. To think, I had a TiVo *six years ago* that was better than this piece of crap that Comcast gives me. It is hard to explain what makes it so bad, I guess its sort of like how Mac users feel about Windows PCs — things are overly complicated, error messages are indecipherable, the interface is overly complex and unintuitive, the functionality is limited and the reliability spotty. If I hadn’t just bought a condo, I would find it a lot easier to plunk down the ton of money necessary to lower my blood pressure and make TV watching enjoyable again, but in my precarious financial state there is no way to justify it. I’m sure with time the Series 3 will come down in price, meanwhile I have to suffer with an absolutely horrid box courtesy of the idiots who think commercials exclaiming how “Comcastic” they are is a good substitute for actually caring.