They moved Marketplace?!

“From the studios of Minnessota Public Radio in St. Paul, I’m Kai Ryssdal.” Wait a second, what? Oh no, MPR, no you don’t. Don’t you dare fuck up Marketplace. I stood by while you tweaked Weekend America, firing Barbara Bogaev because she refused to relocate, and the program has been worse for it. Now this? A show about world commerce centered out of New York, or Washington, or, ya know, Los Angeles is neat, but *St. Paul*? Come on! I wonder how much of the staff survived the move…

*Edit* (9:07pm): False alarm or shape of things to come?

*Edit 2* (4/30 3:48pm): Thanks, Kai. I am happy and relieved. 🙂 Carry on the good work.

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