‘Not our finest hour,’ admits BA chief

The opening of their new T5 airport terminal at Heathrow, Europe’s biggest airport, has been a huge disaster. It seems obvious that when creating a new logistical system of such scale and complexity you must start slow, with only a few flights, and gradually scale up operations and capacity, working out problems and kinks along the way. So of course BA launched with a bang and the software and training problems resulted in a huge black eye for the operators and tenants of the £4.3 billion terminal.

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  1. So in other words, Heathrow is exactly the same as it was before T5 opened.

    The truth is, the airport can’t physically handle the number of flights scheduled, even on a good day. That, and the fact that every passenger passing through T5 gets fingerprinted and photographed means we’ll be extra vigilant to never go through Heathrow (which probably means never flying BA) again — even if we have to pay more.

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