Reading The Subtle Knife, which is the second book after The Golden Compass in Philip Pullman’s trilogy, and enjoying it, but not being “wowed” by it. Climbing at Metro Rock with, among others, Deirdre! Playing the occasional game of Settlers. Trying to understand the cat’s neuroses, including his constant need to stare at the ceiling. Watching the first Battlestar Galactica of the new season, and loving it. Watching the first Doctor Who of the new season and hating it. Skiing at Mount Sunapee with Jer and having an absolute blast.

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  1. A lot of stuff in The Subtle Knife doesn’t really make sense til The Amber Spyglass. I remember being about halfway through TSK and thinking, OK, WTF, where the heck is this story trying to go, exactly? I don’t think the trilogy’s perfect by any means, and there are some consistence/plot/etc issues I have, but it’s worth sticking out through the end of the third book. If for nothing else than how cool the mulefa are :).

    Ditto on adoring the new BSG. I liked the new Dr. Who too. I thought it was nice to have a “silly” season opener, I liked Donna once she got past her need to fangirl the Doctor and started being useful, and the little baby adiposes are just too darn cute, even if they’re a blatant marketing opportunity. (Yes, I want one.) I figure, in the UK it’s a kids’ show, and this ep was no worse than, say, the 2-parter with the Slitheen back in series 1.

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