I may be a bit late to this particular party. I just often find movies like this very difficult to get through. Especially if I have a pause button.

You’ve seen the trailer or at least know the story is about a pregnant teenager with an acerbic wit. But it isn’t really. It is about a pregnant teenager who knows she is a teenager and who knows she is in way over her head. She has a supportive and pragmatic family and a boyfriend that is pretty far out of the picture. She hooks up with an adoptive couple with some baggage of their own and stumbles through her interactions with them without either side being patronizing.

The film is sweet, even when it overreaches and strays into cringe-inducing turns of phrase that just cry out for you to revel in their cleverness. It is at other points understated and hilarious and the dialogue perfectly crafted. Several of the characters are introduced slowly, minimally, even obliquely, and yet they feel deep and fully formed. Many people love this film’s soundtrack; I thought it was distracting and tone-deaf. The acting, in contrast, was amazing. Everyone hit their notes, no one stole the spotlight. And Ellen Page is, obviously, one to watch.