Natalie Some More

Secondary, irrelevent thought, just struck me. Wonder if NP was at the Refusnik thing? Doubt it, but lots of fun Brandeis events at which she might make an appearance. And then, like any other time I’ve seen a celebrity or someone I know or have read or have read about or whatever, I’ll just glance over, give a little silent internal “hooray” and then proceed to ignore said person, going with the whole let them live their life philosophy. Unless, of course, I have a camera. But then I’m usually taking pictures of all the random people so I don’t feel very bad pointing it once or twice in the poor abused star’s general direction. I know, I’m terrible.

Oh, good grief, I’m finding myself having the urge to clarify again. And it’s 3am, so I should not be coherant. My idea of on-screen crush is so different than the general perception…its not a sex-symbol thing, its not a stalker thing (as I’ve said previously), and its not necessarily someone that I think I would paticularily get along with. Just someone who I’m drawn to because they’re good at their job (acting) and have a certain wit/intelligence such that they recognize that acting, while possibly the hardest profession, is not something one can let consume them. Oh, and for some reason the last two at least have been vegetarians. Weird.