Third Post of the Morning

I’ve decided that I’m a vegetarian. Cause I know people who are vegetarians who just eat fish, right? *cough*Sally*cough*. So how about me? No fish, rarely turkey, no pork, very little beef, just a lot of chicken. So if I wanted to go with this I could totally say that I’m a vegetarian who eats chicken. I mean, giving up the beef would be quite easy, and the only pork I eat is the sausage pizza and that’s cause its the only Aramark pizza I like besides their occasional chicken. So there ya go. I can start today. I’m a vegetarian, I just eat chicken.

How’s that? (Okay, so maybe its not free-range chicken, but then lots of fish are grown in tanks too). Its not like I’m saying I’m a vegan. So, whatever. If I was doing it for health reasons, fine. If it was because I cared about the poor animals, I better make damn sure I don’t buy any leather products or glue or dog food or bone china. If I were to do it it would just be to say that I was, and only because I don’t paticularily care for the other meats anyway. And, of course, I want to take a stand against the incredible American overconsumption of beef and whatever. But I’m already doing that by keeping it down to the occasional In-N-Out hamburger. So, I dunno, why be a vegetarian unless you either don’t really like meat or can’t eat it for health reasons? Cause if its because you care about the poor animals, I have a lot of other fun arguments to make. Like, that cheese over there? Why do you have that? Better be a crazy vegan or else the caring about the animals thing doesn’t fly for me, and I can’t see any other reason besides simple personal preference. Cause if we’re not eating cheese, why are we eating the poor carrots? 😛

Here is what I imagine would be really hard: being a Kosher vegan. Ouch.

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  1. 😛
    and how is Kosher vegan any harder than regular vegan? all vegan foods are Kosher

  2. Eh, good point. I guess. I was just thinking that you have to skip any meat days, and on milk days you can’t eat anything milky. But I guess as a vegan thats how it is anyway, so dunno what I was thinking, maybe just thinking how it would be hard at Sherman [dining hall at Brandeis]. Trying to eat off of Kosher plates when none are available…all the normal plates mix milk and meat, all the Kosher plates are meat plates on meat days and milk plates on milk days, so you’d be stuck, as you’d be un-kosher by using items that have touched meat and not been re-purified by being blessed and buried in the ground or whatever the ceremony is.

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