Haven’t actually seen it yet, but while waiting for Spider-Man to start I was able to see the last 30 minutes of Star Wars again, and it was just as exciting, and the audience reaction was exactly the same to almost all of the lines – groands to 3P0’s “I’m beside myself,” chuckles when they saw Yoda in kung fu stance to awe at the swordplay. So I’ll say it again – not a bad movie. What is the goal of a movie? To entertain? Star Wars sure does it. The love story, like I said before, is quite childish, but it is effective, more so compared to some of the Disney attempts. And gosh is that scenery beautiful. First thing I do when I make my first billion: build a space ship and blast to Naboo. Or, perhaps buy a small country and make a Naboo of my own. Because the utopia I see in my dreams is the same as I see on the screen in that planet.

Something else just hit me – the talk between Padme and Anakin about sand, and their different perceptions of it, was actually fairly sophisticated imagery for Lucas, and not half bad. Know what Steve Jobs said when he introducted the colored iMacs, that they were so cool you just wanted to lick them? That is the only way I can describe my reaction to Naboo.

Anyway, four minutes to Spider-Man. Might as well do a bit of revising on what I have of my Jerry Cohen essay while I wait for the second movie in two nights, perhaps a record for me.