Pretentious Schmucks

UPDATED (5/27/02) addendum at bottom.
UPDATED (5/29/02) addendum at bottom.
Want a look at Harvard life? Then by jove check out this site! Just ignore the t-shirt clad background common folk. Ah, I feel like crumpets. And I think this is so incredibly cool!

The link was bad, pointing to Jim’s normal site, implying that I find him annoying and/or pretentious, which I don’t. I was trying to link to a picture gallery, his frameset threw me off. Now the commentary should make some sense.

Well, maybe it shouldn’t make sense, as the NEW link had two typos in it. NOW the real link is up. So there.

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  1. I think this is hilarious and I really wonder what compelled Jim and Co. to do it. And also, Jim, my sister showed me that you have an eyebrow stud. WHY???

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