Sliding Doors

Chance encounters are so cool! So I pick up my parents from the airport after their wonderful week in Hawaii, and I suggest dinner. Claim Jumper being closed, we just happen to realize a Denny’s is right next door. So we go in, order, and not six minutes later (meaning, about five minutes later) who appears but my old school chum (heh) Franny. The UCSD girl happens to be up here for the weekend, happens to have been at a dance show, happens to have gotten hungry at midnight, happens to show up at the SAME EXACT PLACE WE ARE.

Well, it was really cool to meet up with her and talk and such. And as a Discordian I can not believe that this had anything to do with “fate.” Strange things happen all the time, thats just the way of the world.

We discovered that college kids across the country are obsessed with poker and Counter Strike, not just in my dorm. And she gets to live in an on-campus apartment next year, so lucky her! And, of course, do homework at the beach…

Despite the heavy campaigning I noticed when I was at SD the last time, voting in their AS (Associated Students) election was still only something like 20% of the student body. Go figure. We get more votes and we have “clean” elections.

What else? Got home, started watching the finale of 24, which I missed the first and second times around, but which my TiVo caught for me, yay TiVo. So I’m gonna watch that, and then maybe post my thoughts.

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