24 today, gone tomorrow

UPDATED (2:07AM) Addendum at end
I have lots of thoughts about stuff, and I have to comment on the OCHSA season finale, but I’ll do that in the morning. While what can be said about 24 generally has been said on various sites, what I really hated about the ending was how many wonderful plot threads they just left hanging, and which I doubt they’ll clean up next season.

Let us count:

  • What’s up with Kim’s boyfriend, Rick?
  • When will Jack find out about Teri’s doctor friend? Does he have family? He is kinda dead. And what is up with her stupid memory loss thingy just appearing and disappearing with no explanation?
  • Why did Nina have an affair with Jack? How did it further her goals? Why did she then start dating Tony?
  • What happened with the, oh, I dunno massive plane explosion in the pilot? That seemed somewhat important. Why the hell did they do that? And don’t tell me its because that is the only way to get that ID card.
  • Why did they have Gaines and Co. do the thing in the first place, if they already had half of their family in the country and they were already planning the breakout and all?
  • Keith and Palmer’s evil financers and the Dr. Ferragamo thing. We forgot about it in three hours?
  • Fallout for the not-revealing-he’s-dead and then afterwards not telling the truth at the press junket.
  • The woman at the beginning who blew up the plane, where did she go? We saw Kevin die, we saw Gaines die, she stuck around…what happened to her?
  • That lady took over CTU for a bit, then disappeared. Why?
  • George Mason disobeyed Chappell’s direct order. And? I’m sure Chappell found out, why is George still in command at CTU?

And of course they left a bunch of important things unresolved, like who Nina works for, whether Teri is dead, and how Lady Mac is going to react to Palmer’s little divorce thingy. But those were intentional.

So, yeah. I’m annoyed. It’s like the writers decided it was much to complex and just started dropping plot threads left and right about the fifth episode, and then kept doing that throughout the show. Grr. Bad writers! Bad! But the show was still very well written with regard to dialogue and much of the plot, so it wasn’t terrible. And I’m glad it’s coming back next year — I still find the whole 24 hour gimmick incredibly appealing.

Yet another great article about 24 on Flak magazine. Seth brings up a lot of the things I was angry with, plus several more very interesting and insightful points. Even if you didn’t read my whole entry, if you’ve watched 24 you should give his article a read.