Ms. Ryan and the Powerpuff Mentality

I was trying to make this point, although a lot less eloquently, during a 10th grade discussion in Ms. Ryan’s English class. I was very suprised that this kind of view wasn’t commonly spoken. I think the reason is that the people who have it were not yet of age to write about it, and its just now getting attention:

Can a new generation of gender-blind Powerpuffs conquer inequality simply by optimistically refusing to recognize its existence? For many girls today, this approach seems to work. They don’t cry out against inequality; they simply take for granted that the world will treat them fairly — and in some cases the world seems to follow suit. “Of course I should be able to play football, or wrestle,” they tell us nonchalantly, as if suggesting otherwise is downright absurd — and it is, isn’t it?

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